Floating Shelf - 42 Inches

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Product Description

Floating Shelves

This beautiful floating wood shelf is the perfect accessory for your home. Floating shelves offer a clean, crisp look. It will not overshadow the treasures you want to display.  These floating shelves are available in five finishes; including Honey Oak, Mocha, Bone, Blonde and Ash (see the images for color/pattern guide).

Each shelf is 7.5” deep (out from the wall) and 2 ¾” tall.  You will not see any mounting hardware (hence the floating shelf!). You can choose the length of the shelf, from 18” to 48”. We can also do custom sizes for a nominal fee. The fee would depend on the size you request. Please contact customer service at 1-800-899-4265 for additional questions.

All our shelves are Made in Minnesota by craftsmen and women who care! Thanks for supporting our community and community members!

Free Shipping

All orders shipped to addresses in the continental US are free.  All shipping is standard freight. If you must have it quicker, please make arrangements with customer service. Additional costs will be incurred with expedited shipping. No PO Boxes please.

Wood Laminate

Our floating wood laminate shelves may be more durable than a solid wood shelf! This is the same technology used to create laminate flooring. The laminate is constructed in layers, with the textured design layer under a wear layer. The texture layer creates a natural wood appearance. The wear layer is a clear layer which protects against fading, stains, and surface burns. It also allows for easy cleaning of the surface. All the visible surfaces show your choice of finish.

Each of our floating shelves has internal reinforcements built into the length of the structure to ensure they hold their shape, even for the largest shelves. The grain on the end of each shelf follows the grain on the top surface which creates a waterfall pattern to increase the realism of the shelf.

Mounting with a French Cleat

The mounting process with our floating shelf is another great reason to buy this floating shelf! Simply identify the spot on the wall you want the shelf to be located. Mount the wall board approximately 2” below where the top of the shelf will be. For maximum weight and stability, the wall board piece of the French Cleat should be screwed into studs. It is possible to mount into just the drywall with drywall anchors, but this will reduce the weight limits for this shelf.  If you are mounting into drywall, cement or brick, you will need to provide specialty mounting hardware and mounting equipment.

The French Cleat mounting design will also allow for a couple of inches of horizontal leeway to allow for the perfect spot and to also allow for easy alignment if you are mounting multiple shelves.

Floating Shelf Weight Limit

There is no specific weight limit for these shelves. The shelf is designed with internal reinforcements to allow for heavy objects, but the biggest dependency is the surface it has been mounted to and the hardware used to secure it.

Secret Compartment

Maybe it’s not so secret, but you can also use the shelf as a place to keep your smaller valuables. Due to our unique French Cleat mounting system, it is easy to take down and replace the shelf for a quick and simple secret hiding spot.

Please Note:

Instructions and screws for mounting our mantels are included. Screws are included for mounting into sheet rock covered stud walls. If you are mounting on brick or stone, you will need to purchase masonry screws or anchors (available at any home improvement store) and have access to a masonry/impact drill.

Each part is cut to precision measurements, and all joining pieces are glued and screwed together for sturdiness and durability.

Please allow 12 - 16 working days for production.